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Who are The Album People?

The Album People is a professional London based archiving service that specialises in digitising and curating family photos and videos.

Unlike other conversion labs that scan your photos and videos to a CD, we believe in using fully digital formats, which means that your memories can be stored in online galleries such as Flickr or Picasa or kept in a memory vault such as a USB stick or hardrive. What’s more we add personalised metadata (digital tags and keywords) for easy browsing, retrieval and preservation of the unique information each photo carries.

Our home service means that your pictures never have to leave your sight as our portable equipment means that we can scan your irreplaceable photos at your place.

Once your stuff has been digitised, the fun begins! The Album People  also specialise in creating beautiful digital products from your collections such as slideshows, video clips and gifts

Find more details of the scanning packages we offer on our website

Click through our  sample archive to see what yours could look like

Click the image to see more!

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